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Guan the Iguana has shipwrecked on an island. Now he must explore, gain strength, and find a way to escape.

This was created in GameMaker Studio 2 for Ludum Dare Jam #41, and while it's playable from start to finish, it's missing some desired features such as enemies. I also had to take shortcuts on a few of the levels.

Having trouble getting started? Try searching the woods first.

Can't access high places? Look for jump power-ups.


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This was super-cute and good, thanks for sharing it! I also liked the lack of enemies, it gave off a nice sense that I'd crashed onto a deserted island and needed to scrounge up resources to escape. 


Thanks a lot! I do want to revisit this, maybe try rebuilding it in Unity (if I can actually get the hang of importing pixellated sprites in that without dealing with weird compression issues), expand on the idea, etc.


I enjoyed this! It's a really cool riff on Zelda II in a lot of ways. I actually quite like how the island is absent of enemies in this version. I'd love to see a further exploration of the ideas you're playing with in a future game--maybe one that doesn't require such a particular order of item acquisition and rewards more kinds of exploring. Really dig the ideas you're working with and Guan himself is a pretty neat character.

Thanks a lot. What was nice about putting this game together is it can serve as a prototype of sorts for putting together a more fleshed-out game. Will probably need to rework movement mechanics and the camera.